Monday, February 15, 2010

Group Picture with Banner

We will be submitting this picture to National to be added to a future Needle Arts.

In the picture from left to right:
Beate Lies, Verna Rach, Joan Fitt, Nancy Stucker, Carol Collins, Barb Fleming, Jan Harshberger, Kathy McIlhargie, Julia Feagler, Myrtis Justiniano, Louise Fessenden, Sheryl Wilson, Patti Crowley, Margaret Whitmer, Mary Ripple

National Stitch-in-Public Day in South Bend

This was the first occasion for the banner to be viewed in public. Due to other events scheduled at the St. Joseph County library on 2/6 (the actual stitch-in-public day), we met one week later from 10 to 2. Eleven chapter members stopped by to sit and stitch for a while.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Banner

The idea to create a banner showing various embroidery techniques came from an article in Needle Arts about a US chapter that had received a banner from their sister chapter in New Zealand.

Nearly 20 South Bend / Michiana chapter members (about half of the entire membership) participated in this venture. We all picked our favorite technique (or at least one that we knew how to do) and decided on a pattern that would fit between the dimensions of 3 x 3 and 5 x 5 inches. The color of the ground and threads were left up to the stitcher. No particular theme for the patch was given.

Once all patches were collected one of our accomplished quilters in the group gathered them up and did her magic on them.

And this is what the finished piece looks like. In order to better see it, 2 pictures were taken. Close ups of each patch will follow.

Please click on the patches to get a close-up view of the wonderful work of our talented group.

The Patches, Part 1

Huck Embroidery (Swedish Weaving), Sheryl Wilson

Candle Wicking, Sheryl Wilson

Goldwork, Patti Crowley

Mountmellick, Pat Weber

The Patches, Part 2

Traditional Embroidery, Pat Swikoski

Pulled Thread, Louise Fessenden

Assisi, Myrtis Justiniano

Needle Punch Work, Mary Ripple

Plastic Canvas, Margaret Whitmer

The Patches, Part 3

Cross Stitch, Margaret Whitmer

Drawn Thread, Myrtis Justiniano

Needle Lace, Louise Fessenden

Blackwork, Kathy McIlhargie

Crewel, Kate Simeri

The Patches, Part 4

Brazilian Embroidery, June Clark

Bargello, Julia Feagler

Redwork, Jody Piasecki

Taditional Needlepoint, Jan Harshberger

Charted Canvas, Jan Harshberger